Chemistry of Materials -- ISSN 0897-4756
Chemosphere -- ISSN 0045-6535
Chishitsu News -- ISSN 0009-4854
Chřibský zpravodaj
Ciencias da Terra
Clausthaler Geowissenschaften -- ISSN 1611-0609
Clay minerals -- ISSN 0009-8558
Clays and Clay minerals -- ISSN 0009-8604
Climate of the Past
Climate Research -- ISSN 0936-577X
Climatic Change
CMS News
Cogeoenvironment Newsletters
Coll. czechoslov. chem. Commun.
Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications
Collection of Scientific Papers, Faculty of Agriculture in České Budějovice, Series for Crop Sciences -- ISSN 1212-0731
Colloid and Polymer Science
Coloquios de Paleontología -- ISSN 1132-1660