3D geological model, GIS, data model
3D GIS, borehole, geology
3D model, structure map, geophysical research, sedimentology, neogene, lower carboniferous, Carpathian Foredeep
3D model,crystalline relief,Cretaceous sediments,uncovered geological map,gravity
3D modelling,boreholes,vertical electric sounding,geology,digital elevation model,crystalline basement,Tertiary,Cheb Basin,Sokolov Basin
7Be,Beryllium,Birch-tree leaves,Grass, Precipitation, Foliar uptake
7th Paleontological Conference
01-223, Načetín, 01-442 Hora Sv. Šebestiána, geological map, geological evolution, petrology, tectonics, geophysics, hydrogeology, geochemistry, mineral resources, geological hazards, engineering geology, enviromental problems, geological localities
12th, 2008
13C and 15N isotopic data, crushing tools, palmitic and stearic acids, oleic and linolic acids
14th conference
15N, 18O, nitrate contamination, water resources
15N and 18O isotopes, nitrate pollution, groundwater
15th Conference on Upper Tertiary
15th Field Conference
16th century
17th century
18O 15N stable isotopes, soil nitrate, discharge generation