cross-border cooperation - geoenvironmental problems - Central America - geology - geomorphology - geological hazards
cross-field pitting
crush-leach analyses
crust rheology
crust rheology,eclogite granitic orthogneiss,European Variscan belt,petrological modelling,quantitative microstructural analysis
crustal fluids
crustal-scale folding
Crustal stresses and strain rates
Crustal stresses and strain rates, Orogen-parallel extension, Quartz deformation microstructures and textures, Microstructure of quartzo-feldspathic rocks, West Carpathians
crustal structure
crustal structure, exhumation of lower crust, heat sources, radioactive heating
cryogenic calcite, secondary cave calcite, speleothem
cryogenic cave carbonate, U-series dating, carbon and oxygen stable isotopes, Western Carpathians, Nízké Tatry Mts.
Cryoplanation terraces
Cryptarcha, Ediacaran, biostratigraphy, South Moravia
cryptic behaviour
cryptic species