The International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO) Symposium on History of Geophysics : Prague and the Czech Republic, July 2-12, 2005 / Nelson, Mike Johnston -- In: Episodes -- ISSN 0705-3797 -- Vol. 29, no. 1 (2006), p. 56-58
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
International comparison of quality features of Czech brown and hard coals (prepared within the D5/93 PHARE Project)
An international conference
An international conference "40 years of recultivation in North-Bohemian brown-coal district"
International Conference Carpathian Foredeep Basin - Its evolution and mineral resources, Kraków, 17.-18.9.1999 - Abstracts (Variant.)
An international conference EKOTREND
An International Conference for the Advancement of Geochemistry. Extended Abstracts: A-K / Förster, Hans-Jürgen, 1948-, Tischendorf, Gerhard -- In: Mineralogical magazine -- ISSN 0026-416X -- Vol. 58 A (1994), p. 284-285
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
International Conference Geology without Frontiers: Magmatic and Metamorphic Evolution of Central European Variscides, Abstract Volume (Variant.)
The international conference in Graz (Austria) on structures and tectonics of various lithospheric levels
International Conference "Minerals, Metals and the Environment II" in Prague
International Conference on mining past and future of the Slavkovský les Mts.
An international conference on the use of coal in Prague
International Conference "Phyllosilicates as indicators of very weak metamorphosis", Manchester, U.K., July 5-6, 1990
An international conference Sediment '96 in Vienna
International conference "State of Geomorphological Research in the Year 2008" / Máčka, Zdeněk, 1973- -- In: Moravian geographical reports -- ISSN 1210-8812 -- Vol. 16, no. 4 (2008), p. 45-47
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
International Conference Textures and Physical Properties of Rocks, Göttingen, October 13 to 16, 1999 - Abstract Volume (Variant.)
International conference TRILO 2012 - a great honor for the Czech Republic
International Conferrence EKOTREND in České Budějovicve
An international congress of INQUA at Beijing
The International Congress on Brachiopods