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Results of the isotopic and microchemical study of sulphides from the Brno Massif
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Results of the micropalaeontological research of some sedimentary formations in the Bohemian Massif
Results of the micropaleontological study of the Travná-Ladek unit in Rychleby Mts.
Results of the monitoring of microscopic fungi in show caves of the Czech Republic
Results of the new geological mapping in the area of Příbram
Results of the paleontological research at locality Horní Kalná in Krkonoše piedmont basin
Results of the pedological research in the area of the lake Most in the period 2012-2013
Results of the project - sedimentology of the upper part of the Petřkovice Member, Upper Silesian Basin
Results of the Project 205/95/1211 "Dynamics of interaction between marine and continental environments"
The results of the project "Assessment of the Sokolov-Karlovy Vary area affected by the coal and industrial minerals mining and rehabilitation of its basic functions" after the second year of realization
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Typ dokumentu: článek v odborném periodiku
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Results of the structural study of the Culm sediments near Suchdol nad Odrou
Results of the study of the new outcrop of the Middle Ordovician at Praha-Červený vrch hill.
Results of the study of two boreholes in the Hradiště graben in southeast Moravia
Results of the systematic revision of myctophid fishes (except Diaphus) in the central Paratethys
Results of the thermal analysis of the rock environment in the southwestern foreground of the Stráž pod Ralskem deposit
Results of tidal observatory Pecný. Contemporary problems in gravimetry