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The significance of hard coal produced by Ostrava-Karviná Coalmines with respect to the economy and living environment of the Czech Republic in the future
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Typ dokumentu: abstrakt
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The significance of lowering balast components in coal by treatment. New trends in treatment methods
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The significance of major strike-slip displacements in the development of Variscan structure of the Sudetes (SW Poland)
Significance of micropaleobotany and paleopalynology for investigations of crystalline rocks (methodology and problems)
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The significance of Moavian karst
Significance of photo lineations for the examination of the structure of the Bohemian massif
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Significance of relief in the natural system od landscape in the Svratecká hornatina (Mts.)
Significance of the angular clast layers in the interior facies sediments of Zazděná Cave, Moravian Karst
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Significance of the genus Cytheridea Bosquet,1852 (Ostracoda) for the stratigraphy of the Vienna Basin Miocene
Significance of the graphic analysis of hydrogeochemical data for interpretation of origin of mineral water of Flysch Belt and Foredeep of Western Carpathians
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