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Typ dokumentu: článek v odborném periodiku
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Present economic conditions for mining and processing the gold bearing ores in Bohemia
Present Geomorphological Research in the Západní Beskydy Mts. and Podbeskydská pahorkatina Hillyland
Present ideas on genesis of hydrothermal ore zones around granites
Present juxtaposition of Moldanubicum and Teplá-Barrandian blocks as a result of pre-Devonian large-scale movements: implications from U-Pb zircon dating / Košler, Jan, 1965- -- In: Journal of the Czech Geological Society -- ISSN 0001-7378 -- Vol. 40, no. 3 (1995), p. 24
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Present legislation for moderating consequences of mining. Symposium Mining town Příbram
Present microearthquakes activity occurring in Silesia and northern Moravia / Holub, Karel, Kaláb, Zdeněk, Knejzlík, Jaromír, Rušajová, Jana -- In: Czech - Polish Workshop on Recent Geodynamics of the Sudetten and Adjacent Areas /9./ - Abstracts -- S. 8-8
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Present mineral collecting in the Czech fluorite deposits
Present mineral collecting on the dumps of abandoned Jáchymov mines
The present mining law in the Czech Republic
Present occurrences for collecting of morion and smoky quartz in North Moravia
Present opportunities for mineral collecting in the Zlaté hory district
Present possibilities of graphite raw material field sampling in the Czech Republic
The present possibilities of identification of shear zones in the area of the West Carpathians
Present problems concerning determination of the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary
Present problems of the Meliata group stratigraphy