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Volcaniclastics rocks within the deposits of the Pavlovice Formation
Volcanics of the Zbraslav-hill between the towns of Manětín and Toužim (W Bohemia)
Volcanics on the peripheri of the Doupovské hory Mts. - a volcanological study of the Dětaň paleontological site
Volcanics on the periphery of the Doupovské hory Mts. - a volcanological study of the Dětaň paleontological site
Volcanism in the Sokolov Basin and its relation to tectonics and lignite seams
Volcanism of Aden Gulf coast: Aden volcanic series
Volcanism of the Strašice/Komárov complex (Late Ordovician) and of the Svatý Jan volcanic centre (Silurian), Barrandian
Volcanism of the upper paleozoic limnic basins of the Bohemian Massif: Geochemical constraints / Svobodová, Jana, Ulrych, Jaromír -- In: 9th Coal Geology Conference. Reasonable utilization of coal reserves with regard to the environment, geology and paleontology of coal-bearing strata, coal prospecting, exploration and evalution, energy policy, utilization, trace elements, coalbed methane, environmental impact of mining, combustion of coal -- s. 42
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Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Volcanism-related nodular-sliding textures in sediments of the Birimian Houndé Greenstone Belt in Burkina Faso, West Afrika
Volcano-plutonic formation of the Rožmitál block and the results of its correlation analysis
The volcano-tectonic evolution of the Miocene Santa Lucía Volcano, Boaco district, Nicaragua / Buriánek, David, Hradecký, Petr -- In: Journal of Geosciences -- ISSN 1802-6222 -- Roč. 56, č. 2011 (2011), 14
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Volcanoclastic deposits of the Upper Radnice Member between Lubná and Nové Strašecí.
Volcanoclastic Fe-ores deposits of Northern Moravia and Silesia
Volcanoes and geysers on Iceland
Volcanogenic edaphoids in the vicinity of Leon (Nicaragua)
Volcanogenic edaphoids west from Malpaisillo (Nicaragua)
Volcanogenic facies of the Lower Cambrian in the Rožmitál tectonic block and its mineralization
Volcanogenic interlayer (tonstein) in the Main coal seam of the Nýřany group of seams (Asturian) in the Plzeň region