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Typ dokumentu: článek v odborném periodiku
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The conditions of migration and precipitation of arsenic and heavy metals in the mine water in Kutná Hora ore district and the risks of contamination of environment
Conditions of origin of the hydrothermal mineralization in the Janovice-9 borehole
Conditions of sedimentation and diagenesis of the Štramberk limestone
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Conditions of the origin of the so-caled "Au-Sb formation" in the Krásná Hora - Milešov area in central Bohemia
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Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Cone penetration logging in LNAPLs contamination studies / Kvapil, Jiří, Mareš, Stanislav, Starý, Václav (2003) -- In: 9th Meeting Environmental and Engineering Geophysics -- ISBN 80-239-1332-8
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Cones, seeds, and foliage of Tetraclinis salicornioides (Cupressaceae) from the Oligocene and Miocene of western North America: a geographic extension of the European Tertiary species / Kvaček, Zlatko, Manchester, S.R.., Schorn, H.E.. -- In: International Journal of Plant Sciences -- ISSN 1058-5893 -- Roč. 161, č. 2 (2000), 14
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A conference Brown-coal '98 in Most
A conference ENVIWEATH '96 and meeting of IGCP Project No. 405 participants
Conference Geodiversity of Karkonosze Mts and activization of the region - Szklarska Poręba, 10.09.2010
The 53th Conference of the Meteoritic Association
C11th conference on clay mineralogy and petrology
Sixth conference on coal geology in Prague
A conference on large meteoritic impacts and planet development in Sudbury, Canada