Contribution to the Evalution of Interlaminar Fracture Properties of C/C Composites / Černý, Martin, Glogar, Petr -- In: Festigkeitsseminar über keramische (Verbund-) Werkstoffe -- s. 163-172
Typ dokumentu: konferenční příspěvek (zahraniční konference)
Zdroj: AV ČR, ÚSMH
A contribution to the exploitation of waste materials and environmental problem
Contribution to the fluid evolution in the Barrandian Upper Proterozoic / Dobeš, Petr -- In: Geological model of Western Bohemia in relation to the deep borehole KTB in the FRG. Abstracts -- s. 75-76
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Contribution to the genesis and character of fold-thrust structures in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin
Contribution to the genesis and present-day diversity of softwood floodplain forest at Žitný ostrov Island
Contribution to the genesis of drusy quartz from Květnice Hill near Tišnov
Contribution to the genesis of karstic water chemistry (Demänovská Jaskyňa cave, Low Tatra Mts.)
Contribution to the genesis of paragneisses in the core of Desná dome
Contribution to the genesis of the dry valley between Doubravník and Borač (Svratecká hornatina Mts.)
Contribution to the geochemistry of Lower Carboniferous sediments in the Nízký Jeseník Upland
Contribution to the geography of Bavarian and Bohemian Forest
Contribution to the geology of the northern part of the Plzeň Basin and the southern part of the Carboniferous Žihle Basin / Prouza, Vladimír -- In: Bulletin of geosciences -- ISSN 1214-1119 -- Vol. 80, no. 1 (2005), p. 79-84
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Contribution to the geology of the Proterozoic of the SE limb of the Barrandian basin
Contribution to the geomorphology and the age of the selected slope deformations in the area of Slezské Beskydy Mts. and Jablunkovská Brázda Furrow
Contribution to the geomorphology of the southernmost part of the Třebíč Massif
A contribution to the global-tectonics model of the Bohemian Massif / Krs, Miroslav, 1928- -- In: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on the Bohemian Massif -- ISBN 80-7075-104-5 -- s. 176-179
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
A contribution to the gold findings in Železné hory Mts.
A contribution to the hydrogeological conditions at the hydrocarbon deposit at Senné and surroundings
Contribution to the hydroigeologically siutable forms of the transformation of arable soil permeability
Contribution to the hydrotermal origin of rutherfordine,UO2CO3