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Geological and structural development of the Upper Silesian Basin
Geological and structural observations in the Vilémovice Limestone in the wider surroundings of the Skalka quarry near Měrotín
Geological and technological evaluation of selected mineral resources in Jordan
Geological and tectonical development of Central Europe
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Geological aspects of the iron mining in the sandstones of the Lusatian Cretaceous
Geological aspects of the problem of dynamic phenomena in coal mines
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The Geological Bibliography of the Koněprusy Area
Geological boundary between the Chomutov, Most and Ústí parts of the north Bohemian brown-coal basin
Geological characteristic of Santon hill and Hrubá skála hill
Geological characteristic of the stonepit in Horní Žleb near Šternberk
Geological characteristics, contact metamorphism and mineralization of western periphery of the Jílové belt near the Štěchovice Dam (central Bohemia)