Geological evolution of the area of the Czech Republic / Dudek, Arnošt, 1928- -- In: Mineral commodity summaries of the Czech Republic -- ISSN 1801-6707 -- Vol. 2006 (2007), p. 98-111
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Geological evolution of the Western Carpathians (Variant.)
Geological excursion in the protected area Tiché údolí in the northern foreground of Prague
Geological excursion to the vicinity of Srbsko and Svatý Jan pod Skalou
Geological excursions on the occasion of the decade of the Museum of the Czech Karst
Geological exploration in Zlaté hory ore deposit after 1945
Geological exploration of the Melechov pluton for the purpose of storage of highly radioactive waste
Geological Factors and Microclimate of the Speleotherapeutical Santorium in the Javořičko Caves
Geological factors controlling size of uranium veins in the northern part of Bohemian massif
Geological factors in the protection of natural environment
Geological factors of radon index in administrative units RIA (NUTS,Čzech Republic) - a proposal of methodics
Geological field trip to the Radotín Valley
Geological, geomorphological and palaeoecological research of the sediments in the Srní area
Geological history of Dražovice and its surroundings
The geological history of Královo Pole
Geological history of the Královský Hvozd Unit (KHU), at the northernmost margin of Šumava Mts. - recent knowledge / Babůrek, Jiří -- In: Miscellanea geographica Universitatis Bohemiae Occidentalis -- ISSN 1213-7901 -- Roč. 11, č. zima (2005), 4
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Geological History of the Pavlov-Hills (South Moravia)
Geological history of the South Moravia in the Quaternary
Geological history of the surrondings Lednice village
Geological history of the surroundings of Vranovice town