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Geological settings of Quaternary sediments in the vicinity of Bzenec-Přívoz.
The geological significance of local airborne magnetic anomalies in the southern part of the Gemer tectonic unit (SE Slovakia)
Geological sites newly proposed for protection in surroundings of Sedlčany and Krásná Hora (Central Bohemia)
Geological situation around Kašperské Hory
Geological situation on the SE slope of the Červený kopec (Red Hill) in Brno - case study
Geological situation on the SE slope of the Červený kopec (Red Hill) in Brno ? Case study
Geological-structural character of crystalline complexes in eastern part of Veĺká Fatra Mts
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Geological structure and metallogenesis of the Šťavica stratovolcano (Slanské vrchy Mts. Eastern Slovakia)
Geological structure and metallogeny of the Šťavica stratovolcano
The Geological Structure and Pseudokarst features in the Doupovské hory Mts.
Geological structure and uranium mineralization in Permian of the north-eastern part of the Slovenské rudohorie Mts.
Geological structure of Horní Slezsko basin and its problems
Geological structure of Klippen Belt and adjacent units between villages Tulčík and Hanušovce
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Geological structure of the Klippen and Periklippen zones in the Middle Váh river valley and lithological classification of Cretaceous sediments from the newly defined sequences