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The geological setting of graphite near Černá before the Lipno dam construction
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Geological setting of 'nephrite' in the contact aureole of the Tanvald-granite, North Bohemia
The geological setting of star-shaped quartz near Peřimov in Krkonoše Mts. piedmont
Geological setting of the Čeřeniště slope movement locality
Geological setting of the diatreme at Teplice and bentonized volcanic breccia. Sedimentary geology in the Czech Republic (A conference on January 23.-24. 1996, Abstracts)
Geological setting of the Jedlka slope movement locality and its surroundings
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Geological setting of the town Teplice in Bohemia
Geological setting of the tunel Klimkovice : 15-43 Ostrava
Geological setting of the Vaňov landslide area
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Geological settings of Quaternary sediments in the vicinity of Bzenec-Přívoz.
The geological significance of local airborne magnetic anomalies in the southern part of the Gemer tectonic unit (SE Slovakia)
Geological sites newly proposed for protection in surroundings of Sedlčany and Krásná Hora (Central Bohemia)