Gold in Cenomanian sediments of north Bohemian Cretaceous
Gold in Czech history
Gold in fluvial sediments of Morava river
Gold in flysch and neovolcanics of east Slovakia
Gold in Jeseníky stratiform deposits
Gold in listvenites from sulphide-siderite Rudňany and Dobšiná deposits : current data
Gold in metallogeny of the Central and Western European units of the Peri-Alpine Variscan Belt : A review of essential parameters controlling the genesis and distribution of gold deposits / Morávek, Petr -- In: Global tectonics and metallogeny -- ISSN 0163-3171 -- Vol. 5, no. 3/4 (1996), p. 145-163
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Gold in Schäffer Pinge, Zlaté Hory im Altvatergebirge
Gold in southwestern Veporicum
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Gold in the Czech Republic / Morávek, Petr -- In: SGA news -- No. 1 (1996), p. 7-8
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Gold in the National Musem collection
Gold in the transitional sediments between Rotliegend and zechstein from Intra-Sudetic Trough (SW Poland)
Gold, its varieties and minerals
Gold metallogeny in veporicum
Gold metallogeny of Central and Western European Variscides / Morávek, Petr -- In: Mineral Deposits: From Their Origin to Their Environmental Impacts -- ISBN 90-5410-550-X -- s. 67-70
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Gold mineralization from the Jakub mine, Kasejovice, southwestern Bohemia
Gold mineralization in black shales near Suchá Rudná / Aichler, Jaroslav, 1955-2008, Hodný, Václav -- In: Metalliferous black shales : excursion guide -- s. 28-31
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Gold minerals on localities Čelina and Voltýřov