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Heavy metals and arsenic in total suspended solids in Elbe river at Děčín
Heavy metals and radioactive pollution at the rim of Natural Protected Area Broumovsko developed during the remediation of burning waste dump Kateřina Mine in Radvanice village
Heavy metals in Czech soils and their contamination level
Heavy metals in Kirnitzsch/Křnice [i.e. Křinice] Creek sediments (Eastern Saxony/Northern Bohemia)
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Heavy Metals in River Sediments of Ploučnice
Heavy metals in small urban streams and their importance
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Heavy metals in the Labe river flat. Labe river - present time and future
Heavy metals in the Odra river basin
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Heavy Metals Migration in a Dump Area within Worked-out Coal Mine and a Biogeochemical Reflection of this Region
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Heavy mineral assemblages in allochthonous clastic cave sediments of the Bohemian Karst: A pilot study.
Heavy mineral assemblages in allochtonous clastic sediments in caves of the Bohemian Karst: a pilot study
Heavy mineral assemblages in clastic cave sediments of the Bohemian Karst
A heavy mineral centrifugal separation from fine-grained suspensions in heavy liquids