History of Fagus in Central Europe - an attempt of new interpretation of fagus evolution / Kvaček, Zlatko, 1937-, Walther, Harald -- In: Palaeovegetational development of Europe. Abstract-Volume -- s. 21
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
History of floods in the karst canyon of Berounka River in surroudings of Srbsko village during the last two hundreds years
History of geological studies in Barrandov area
History of geophysical research in Czechoslovakia and its main scientific results / Bucha, Václav -- In: IUGG 21st General Assembly. Abstracts -- s. B80
Typ dokumentu: abstrakt
Zdroj: AV ČR, GFÚ
History of geophysics in Czech Republic and some results in the field of global change / Bucha, Václav -- In: Global change and history of geophysics during the IUGG/IAGA Assembly -- s. 173-179
Typ dokumentu: konferenční příspěvek (zahraniční konference)
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The history of glaciation of the Łomnica Valley in Karkonosze as shown by the quartz grain surface micromorphology records
History of gold mining in the Nový Knín area / Litochleb, Jiří, 1948- -- In: Zlato na Novoknínsku : historie a současnost : průvodce naučnými stezkami -- ISBN 80-239-0945-2 -- s. 84-90, příl. s. 75-78
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
The history of graphite mining in the Velké Tresné deposit
A History of Ideas in Ichnology / Baucon, A., Bordy, E., Brustur, T., Buatois, L. A., Cunningham, T., De, C., Duffin, C., Felleti, F., Gaillard, C., Hu, B., Hu, L., Jensen, S., Knaust, L., Lockley, M., Lowe, P., Mayor, A., Mayoral, A. M., Mikuláš, Radek, Muttoni, G., Neto de Carvalho, C., Pemberton, S. G., Pollard, J., Rindsberg, A. K., Santos, A., Seike, K., Song, H.-B., Tumer, S., Uchman, A., Wang, Y.-Y., Yi-Ming, G., Zhang, L., Zhang, W.-T. -- In: Trace fossils as indicators of sedimentary environments -- S. 3-43
Typ dokumentu: část monografie (kapitola)
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The history of iron ore mining activities in the Železná Ruda (Eisenstein) valley in the Bohemian Forest
History of iron ore mining in Benecko area
The history of iron ore mining in the Trhové Sviny environs
The history of Jáchymov secondary minerals as types
History of kaňkite and zýkaite found in Kaňk near Kutná Hora
History of lepidolite from Rožná (Moravia)
The history of measurement of rock mechanical properties at the Institute of Geonics AS CR / Blaheta, Radim, Konečný, Pavel -- In: Geo3M day: mechanics, materials and modelling -- ISSN 1211-7420 -- Roč. 4, č. 1 (2000), 19
Typ dokumentu: článek v periodiku
Zdroj: ČGS (RIV)
The History of Mineral Collecting 1530-1799 - With notes on twelve hundred early mineral collectors / Wilson, E. Wendell -- In: Mineralogical Record -- ISSN 0026-4628 -- Vol. 25, no. 6 (1994), p. 264
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
History of moldavite locality in the Cheb Basin
The history of observing nitrate contamination in the natural waters of Czechoslovakia / Květ, Radan, 1928- -- In: Proceedings : International symposium "Impact of agricultural activities on groundwater" . XVIth Congerss of the International association of hydrogeologists, Prague, Czechoslovakia, September 5th-11th, 1982 . Memoires 16(1) -- s. 229-235
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