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How the structural arrangement of natural objects can influence the prospecting methodology
How to collect imprints of fossilized plants
How to Define the EUROCODE-8 Zones? / Jechumtál, M., Jechumtálová, Zuzana, Kottnauer, Pavel, Opršal, Ivo, Schenk, Vladimír, Schenková, Zdeňka -- In: Abstracts, 26th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission -- s. 82
Typ dokumentu: abstrakt
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How to examine micropalaeontological samples under the electron scanning microscope
How to explain differences in bedding orientation in the area of Starý Jičín Hill (Outer Carpathian nappes, Silesian Unit): fold or fault?
How to go on in selected mineral raw-materials utilization in Slovakia
How to introduce regional and local geological structures to an earthquake hazard calculation using the artificial intelligence methods / Schenk, Vladimír -- In: Proceedings of the meeting of working group "Expert systems and seismic risk mitigation" -- s. nestr.
Typ dokumentu: konferenční příspěvek (zahraniční konference)
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How to Introduce Regional and Local Geological Structures to an Earthquake Hazard Calculation Using the Artificial Intelligence Methods / Schenk, Vladimír -- In: Abstracts of Meeting of the Working Group "Expert Systems and Seismic Risk Mitigation" -- s. -
Typ dokumentu: abstrakt
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How to make use of the Earth heat at Šumava Mts.
How to name metamorphic rocks?
How to proceed in the international Pangea project
How to remove rusty coating on rhodochosite
How to resume the original ground-water composition close to the Stráž uranium deposit
How to secure old mine workings. Symposium Mining town Příbram
How to test reforming properties of ballast
How to use the graphical information system Infobase 1.21 for petrophysical research in the West Carpathians / Gregor, Tomáš, Michálek, Jozef -- In: Hornická Příbram ve vědě a technice, Sekce Geoinformatika -- s. 119
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