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The importance of field studies in engineering geological investigations is still under-estimated
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Importance of ichnosoffils in the Mírov "Culm"
The importance of maximum soil gas radon values for the radon risk evaluation in the Czech Republic
Importance of monitoring boron in landfills
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Importance of some less known fossiliferous localities for the stratigraphy of the Jince Formation in the Bohemian Middle Cambrian
importance of the AMS analysis for reconstructing the tectonic history in weakly deformed sediments / Chadima, Martin, Cifelli, F., Hirt, A. M., Lenser, S., Mattei, M. -- In: IUGG XXIV General Assembly -- S. 9795-9795
Typ dokumentu: abstrakt
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The importance of the anthropogenic deposition of nitrogen compounds on C/N ratio in forest soils
The importance of the evaluation of horizontal shifts to monitor the subsidence depression / Kajzar, Vlastimil -- In: Ph. D. Workshop 2009 Proceedings -- S. 17-21
Typ dokumentu: konferenční příspěvek (tuzemská konference)
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Importance of the hyporheic zone for self-purification of shallow streams on the example of nitrification. 1., Experiments and measurements
Importance of the hyporheic zone for self-purification of shallow streams on the example of nitrification. 2., Mathematical modelling
The Importance of the Lessons Learnt from Past Disasters for Risk Assessment / Angignard, M., Blahůt, Jan, Garcia, C., Pasuto, A. -- In: Mountain Risks: From Prediction to Management and Governance -- S. 275-284
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Importance of the otolith-based record of macrourid fishes in the Lower Badenian of the Central Paratethys