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Mineralogical description and distribution of ilmenite and titanite in the Žulová Massif
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A mineralogical excursion to the Bystřice surroundings
Mineralogical exploration in the Bohemian Karst
Mineralogical exploration of the Chýnov cave and of the Pacov quarry
Mineralogical findings from the Radovesice gallery near Bílina
Mineralogical findings in environs of Hranice, Moravia
Mineralogical-geochemical characteristics of precious-metal mineralization on the first vein system in the Kremnica ore district
Mineralogical-geochemical characterization of amphiboles from dioritoides rocks from Dyje massif
Mineralogical-geochemical zonality of the Remetské Hámre deposit
The mineralogical investigation of anomalous accumulation of Mg-chlorite in the metamorphic rocks from the quarry in the vicinity of Vidov near České Budějovice
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Typ dokumentu: část monografie (kapitola)
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Mineralogical localities at North Moravia and Silesia (IV) - Rudná hora
Mineralogical localities in North Moravia and Czech Silesia (VII) - Bušín
Mineralogical localities in North-Moravia and Silesia (III)
Mineralogical localities in North Moravia and Silesia (VI) - Petříkov.
Mineralogical-paragenetic conditions on the Merník Hg deposit, eastern Slovakia