Precambrian uranium deposits as a possible source of uranium for the European Variscan deposits / Kločkov, A. S., Minejeva, I. G. -- In: Uranium deposits : from their genesis to their environmental aspects : proceedings of the International Workshop organized by the Czech Group of the IAGOD, September 10-11, 2002 -- ISBN 80-7075-583-0 -- s. 91-94
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Precious and decorative stones in Syrian Arabic Republic
Precious and decorative stones in the former Yugoslavia
Precious metal mineralization on the Hodruša ore field veins
Precious stone-bearing pegmatites in southern California
Precious stones from baroque Moravia
Precious stones from Krkonoše Mts. Piedmont
Precious stones from pegmatites in the collection of the National Museum, Prague
Precious stones from Roman Moravia
Precious stones from the gothic period
Precious stones in modern jewellery
Precious stones in Moravia at Bronze and Iron Ages
Precious stones in Moravia at Hallstatt age
Precious stones in Moravian bronze age
Precious stones in technical practice
Precious stones of Afghanistan and Pakistan
Precious stones of Langobards
Precious stones of reindeer hunters
Precious stones of Roman Age and Age of Moving Nations in Moravia
Precious stones of the Southeastern Asia