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Rationalization and unification of methods for determination of the rock mass state of stress
Raw material basis of chipped industries in the Pre-Neolithic settlement of South Bohemia
Raw material basis of chipped stone industries of the Bell Beaker Culture in eastern central Europe
Raw material deposit - definition of the term
Raw material in the turn of the millenium
The raw material of the polished stone artefacts from the Neolithe period from area Jičín, Czech Republic
Raw materials and their exploitation. Moravian karst - labyrinths of cognition
Raw materials and treatment. New trends in treatment methods
Raw materials basis in north part of moldanubian pluton
Raw materials for chipped artefacts in geological units of the West Carpathians in Moravia and Czech Silesia
Raw materials for ornamental and dimension stone production in the Slovak Socialist Republic
Raw materials in the area of map sheet 21-442 Železná Ruda
Raw materials of astroblems related to black shales
Raw materials of Paleolithic artifacts from the Kůlnička and Liščí díra caves
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Raw materials: past, present and future