Soil cover of the protected areas of Prague as an indicator of environmental changes / Šťastný, Martin, Žigová, Anna -- In: Acta Research Reports -- ISSN 1214-9691 -- Roč. 17, - (2008), s. 21-25
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Soil cover of the protected areas of Prague as an indicator of environmental changes / Ložek, Vojen, 1925-, Šrein, Vladimír, Šťastný, Martin, Žigová, Anna -- In: Acta research reports -- ISSN 1214-9691 -- No. 17 (2008), p. 21-25
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The soil cover of valley plains
Soil coverage of the Bacín Hill
Soil damage caused by acididc deposition - time course, present status and future prediction, including liming. Aplication of MAGIC model in Krkonoše and Slavkovský les Mts.
Soil degradation caused by water erosion and its economical aspects in the Hustopeče locality
Soil development along two altitudinal transects from north-west to south-east of the Issyk-Kul Lake (Northern and Central Tjan-Šan, Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan) / Comolli, Roberto, Previtali, Franco, Šefrna, Luděk -- In: Geografia fisica e dinamica quaternaria -- ISSN 0391-9838 -- Vol. 26, no. 2 (2003), p. 111-124
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Soil development on spongilitic marlstones in natural and human impacted systems at selected localities of Prague (Czech Republic) / Krejčová, J., Šťastný, Martin, Žigová, Anna -- In: Eurosoil 2008, Book of abstracts -- S. 178-179
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The soil environment of natural spruce stands 8. forest altitudinal zone of Krkonoše (Giant Mountains)
Soil erosion and sediment deposition modelling at the small catchment scale
Soil erosion by water: contemporary research methods and their use / Chmelová, Renata, Šarapatka, Bořivoj -- In: Acta Universitatis Palackianae olomucensis, Facultats rerum naturalium. Geographica -- ISSN 0231-9365 -- Roč. 37 (2002), s. 23-30
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Soil erosion map of the Czech Republic and its use
Soil erozion
Soil evaluation in relation to the acidification and trace element pollution
Soil formation and mineralogy of a Rhodic Luvisol - insights from magnetic and geochemical studies / Hu, P., Jordanova, D., Jordanova, N., Liu, Q.-Z., Petrov, P., Petrovský, Eduard -- In: Global and Planetary Change -- ISSN 0921-8181 -- Roč. 110, Part C - November (2013), s. 397-413
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Soil gas and indoor radon in Quaternary sediments covering different geological basement
Soil gas radon and proximity to fault systems in the Czech Republic
Soil gas radon concentration and permeability at "Valle della Caffarella" test site (Roma, Italy). Evaluation of gas sampling techniques and radon measurements using different approaches / Castelluccio, Mauro, Moroni, Massimo, Neznal, Martin, Neznal, Matěj, 1963-, Tuccimei, Paola -- In: 10th international workshop on the geological aspects of radon risk mapping -- ISBN 978-80-7075-754-3 -- s. 61-72
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Soil gas radon in the black shales and silicites in the Plzeň-Rokycany region
SOIL GAS RADON, INDOOR RADON AND GAMMA DOSE RATE IN CZ: CONTRIBUTION TO GEOSTATISTICAL METHODS FOR EUROPEAN ATLAS OF NATURAL RADIATIONS / Barnet, Ivan, Fojtíková, Ivana -- In: Radiation Protection Dosimetry -- ISSN 0144-8420 -- Roč. 130, č. 1 (2008), 4
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