To the 39th symposium "Mining Příbram in science and technology"
To the 60th anniversary of RNDr. Arnošt Dudek, DrSc. / Palivcová, Marie, 1918- -- In: Geologický zborník Geologica carpathica -- ISSN 0016-7738 -- Vol. 39, no. 5 (1988), p. 633-634
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To the 65th anniversary of Dr. M.Pick Dr.Sc. birthday. Contemporary problems in gravimetry
To the 80th birthday of Professor Jan Krejčí
To the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Victor Leopold Ritter von Zepharovich / Korbel, Petr -- In: Abhandlungen der Geologischen Bundesanstalt -- ISSN 0378-0864 -- Roč. 49 (1993), s. 159-161
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To the 100th anniversary of the fire at Marie Mine near Příbram in 1892
To the 700 years anniversary of the first Mines Act to 1300
To the age of sediments in Moravian-Silesian alluvial plains
To the anniversary of doc. RNDr. Ivan Kraus, CSc. / Harman, Miroslav -- In: Geologický zborník Geologica carpathica -- ISSN 0016-7738 -- Vol. 37, no. 2 (1986), p. 253-255
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To the atmogeochemical indication of the rock environemnt contaminated by oil products
To the chemical decomposition of natural becquerelite CaO . 6UO3 . 10-11H2O
To the chemical formula of sabugalite, uranospathite and arsenuranospathite
To the Chemism od Some Sulphides from Běstvina Deposit
To the correlation of grey and variegated horizons of the Líně Formation / Prouza, Vladimír -- In: Coal-bearing formations of Czechoslovakia -- s. 111-115
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To the desulfatation of mine waters from brown coal quarries. New trends in treatment methods
To the Development of the Ohře river valley in the Doupov mountains
To the distribution of Quaternary fluvial sediments in the Dyje river valley in the Podyjí National Park
To the distribution of slope deformations in the northeastern vicinity of Zlín town, Vizovická vrchovina Highland (Outer Western Carpathians) / Kirchner, Karel -- In: Landslides -- ISBN 90-5410-302-7 -- s. 363-366
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To the eighties of prof. acad. J. Koutek / Cambel, Bohuslav, 1919-2006 -- In: Geologický zborník Geologica carpathica -- ISSN 0016-7738 -- Vol. 33, no. 6 (1982), p. 760-761
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To the existence of neotectonic active lines in the core of the Bohemian karst