Wash-outs beneath a landslide in a narrow valley
Wasserbeschaffenheit in Wasserbecken und deren Rekultivierung
Wasserwirtschaftliche Sanierung von Bergbaukippen, Halden und Deponien, Freiberger Forschungsforum - Vorträge und Posterbeiträge zum 51. Berg- und Hüttemännischen Tag 2000 (Variant.)
Waste depositories and their influence on the environment
Waste-deposits of Habartice and Jindřichov - Examples of very wrong-situated wastes deposits
Waste disposal and groundwater protection
Waste disposal and the environment / Moldan, Bedřich, 1935- -- In: Geology and the Environment, an International Manual in Three Volumes. Volume III, Geology and Land-Use Planning -- s. 46-50
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Waste disposal suitability maps of Slovak territory at 1:50 000 scale and their use in Waste disposal siting
Waste waters endanger the Quaternary valley horizons
Wastes and secondary raw materials. Symposium "Mining town Příbram in science and technology" 1991. Section Present raw material base
Wastes as secondary raw material
Wasting of water and mud into oil wells designated for liquidation. Geologists against the destruction of natural environment. Proceedings
Water absorption and dilatation of bentonites and montmorillonite-rich clays / Hanus, Radek, Kolaříková, Irena, Přikryl, Richard (2006) -- In: Expansive soils. Recent advances in characterization and treatment -- ISBN 0-415-39681-6
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Zdroj: UK, PřF
Water and desert
Water and soil chemistry of aluminum in two Czech watersheds with contrasting substrates / Hruška, Jakub, Krám, Pavel -- In: 6th Keele meeting on aluminium -- 1
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Zdroj: ČGS (RIV)
Water as a distributor of undesired substances in ecosystem / Gomboš, Milan, Kulčárová, Valéria -- In: Ekológia (ČSSR) -- Vol. 8, no. 4 (1989), p. 361-367
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Water balance - complex balancing system of the quantity and quality of the surface and ground waters
Water balance in forest ecosystems of the Small Carpathians / Tužinský, Ladislav -- In: Ekológia (1987), p. 23-39
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
The Water balance of the soil profile in the Labe river headwater - the Giant Mountains
Water balance, water quality and soil erosion on agricultural lands in the foothill zone of the Bohemo-Moravian Highland / Cawley, T., Damašková, H., Doležal, F., Jain, S. K., Janeček, M., Tippl, M. -- In: Catchment hydrological and biochemical processes in the changing environment -- s. 47-54
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