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What flow is under Tetín?
What flow is under Tetín II or why dig out in Tetínské proplástky
What Happened to Quartz from the Izera Gneisses? A Possible Scenario / Czaplinski, Wojciech -- In: Geolines -- ISSN 1210-9606 -- Vol. 10 (2000), p. 17-18
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What is Bohemian garnet?
What is Palaeokarst? / Bosák, Pavel -- In: Karst from Recent to Reservoirs : extended abstracts and field guide for the symposium held -- S. 26-27
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What is Rothina silesica? A taxonomic revision of the genus Rothina (Foraminifera) / Bubík, Miroslav -- In: Annales Societatis geologorum Poloniae -- ISSN 0208-9068 -- Vol. 67, no. 2-3 (1997), p. 175-182
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What is the age of the Boudky formation on the Kolby hill, the facial parastratotype of the Upper Egerian. IGCP-329 2nd Meeting, Athens, September, 1993 / Krhovský, Jan, 1947- -- In: Annales géologiques des Pays helléniques -- ISSN 1105-0004 -- Vol. 37 (1997), p. 49-55
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What is the river landscape
What is the situation in the area of revitalizations in our country?
What is the use of fuzzy logic for the estimation of extreme floods?
What preceded to uranium mining
What was the flow direction of Berounka II paleo-river?
When did the ground water of the Bohemian massif?
When the Nesvačilka and Vranovice canyon were eroded?
Where are the future resources of metals? : Brief exercise in a standard/target ore prognosis applied to the Czech and Slovak Republics / Láznička, Peter -- In: Global tectonics and metallogeny -- ISSN 0163-3171 -- Vol. 5, no. 3/4 (1996), p. 167-174
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Where do the Miocene clastic sediments of the Brno region come from?
Where to collect fossilized plants in Krkonoše piedmont
Where today means yesterday : southern Siberian ice age refugium
Where was the coral reef within the Zlíchov Formation (Devonian of Central Bohemia)?