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Typ dokumentu: monografie
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Typ dokumentu: ostatni
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CGS comments in a revised and evaluated Proposal development principles Ústí region resulting from the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Environment and CGS OOHPP at the public hearing on 22 November 2010
CGS expert opinion on the issue of justification of the need for the planned use non-exclusive bearing gravel Lhota pod Libčany, OOHP Expert opinion for the Environment and the Regional Office of the Hradec Králové Region, Department of Environment and Agriculture
CGS expert opinion on the issue of protection and exclusive use of bearing-gravel Bělá-Chuchelná
CGS expert opinion on the report 'Geological evidence to determine the order of extraction of raw materials on-site Žabčice Smolín' and a brief evaluation of the usability can spar for exclusive deposit Hrušovany near Brno, Law Firm Partners § Stransky led by lawyer Mgr. Tomáš Uherek
CGS Metadata Catalogue - viewing and searching application
CGS opinion on the application for a building permit and a request for a decision on the location of building a house on the plot. No. 2264/32 in Ku Slavkov and notification of connection planning and construction management.
CGS opinion on the draft update No.1 Principles of spatial development of the Olomouc Region and impact assessment of sustainable development in accordance with Act No. 183/2006 Coll., The Planning and Building Regulations
CGS Opinion on the effects of the project 'Pískovna Věrovany' on the environment, prepared pursuant to Act No. 100/2001 Coll. Assessment of impacts on the environment and amending certain related laws, as amended
CGS Opinion on the Proposal and Justification zoning plan Očihov
CGS opinion on the submitted project documentation for land management - extension of existing plant with a new production hall (for technology for machining aluminum castings - CNC machines) and the administrative extension for the company STARCAM (the extension of an existing plant)