Johnson, Kirk R.
Johnson, M. E.
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert G.
Johnson, Thomas M.
Johnson, T.M.
Johnston, Stephen T.
Johnston, Vanessa E.
Joint 61st ICCP/26th meeting, Gramado/Porto Alegre/Brazil, September 19th-26th 2009, Advances in Organic Petrology and Organic Geochemistry (19.09.2009-26.09.2009 : Gramado, Brazílie)
Joint AIRAPT (15.) and EHPRG Conference (33. : 11.09.1995-15.09.1995 : Warsaw, Polsko)
Joint Annual Meeting of LEAG-ICEUM-SRR (2008 : 28.10.2008-31.10.2008 : Cape Canaveral, Spojené státy americké)
Joint conference of the Czech and German geological societes held (16.10.2013-19.10.2013 : Plzeň (Pilsen), Česká republika)
Joint Earth Sciences Meeting, Session RSTGV 1. Continental Extension (international session SGF-GV : 20.09.2004-25.09.2004 : Strasbourg, Francie)
Joint International Geomorphology Conference (18.08.2004-20.08.2004 : Glasgow, Velká Británie)
Joint Meeting of Europrobe (TESZ) and PACE Projects (16.09.2000-23.09.2000 : Zakopane/Holy Cross Mountains, Polsko)
Joint Meeting PTG-DGG, Geo-Pomerania
Joint Meeting PTG-DGG, Geo-Pomerania (Szczecin)
Joisten, H.
Jolkin, J. A.
Jolkin, Jevgenij