7th International Eclogite Conference, July 3rd - July 9th, 2005, Seggau, Austria - Abstracts (Variant.)
International Exhibition Magma '96
The International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP)
International Geological Correlation Programme. Project 25 Stratigraphic correlation Tethys -Paratethys Neogene (Variant.)
International Hanns Bruno Geinitz Symposium, 28.1.-30.1.2000 Dresden - Abstracts and Excursion Guide (Variant.)
The international IAGOD association and trends in exploration of ore deposits
International intercomparison measurement of soil-gas radon concentration, of radon exhalation rate from building materials and of radon exhalation rate from the ground : Czech Republic, September 19-20, 2002 / Neznal, Martin, Neznal, Matěj, 1963- -- In: Radon investigations in the Czech Republic X and the seventh international workshop on the Geological Aspects of Radon Risk Mapping -- ISBN 80-7075-626-8 -- s. 12-22
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International Malvern Conference - move forward to the protection of inanimate nature. Geologists against the destruction of natural environment. Proceedings
International meeting of diatomologists at San Francisco
International Mineralogical Association, its organization and tasks
International project on the investigation of loesses
International session of geologists and environmental programmes. Geologists against destruction of environment.
International session of the IGCP 254 in Morocco
The International Soil Classification, its Contemporary State and Aims
The 11th International speleological congress in China
The international stratigraphic principles and present division of geological past
International stratigraphic principles and the present state of the subdivision of the geologic past
International Symposium Coleoid Cephalopods Through Time, Berlin, September 17-19, 2002 - Program and Abstracts (Variant.)
International Symposium Environmental Change in Central Asia - Climate - Geodynamics - Evolution - Human Impact, March 10-15, 2003, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Abstracts (Variant.)
International Symposium "Evolution, Phylogeny and Biostratigraphy of Fossil Arvicolids (Rodentia, Mammalia)", Rohanov, May 20-29,1987:Topics of the meeting and results of the discussions / Fejfar, Oldřich, 1931-, Heinrich, Wolf-Dieter -- In: International Symposium "Evolution, Phylogeny and Biostratigraphy of Arvicolids (Rodentia, Mammalia)" -- ISBN 3-923871-40-6 -- s. 443-448
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