An evaluation of current Czechoslovak research into the utilization of brown coals /lignites), of Gravimelt and K-fuel processes and proposal for further course of action /Cont./
An evaluation of current Czechoslovak research into the utilization of brown coals (lignites), of Gravimelt and K-fuel processes and a proposal for further course of action. Part II
Evaluation of data on seismic polygon
Evaluation of detailed water quality monitoring system in a small agricultural catchment: discrete vs. continuous approach
Evaluation of different approaches to quantify strong organic acidity and acid-base buffering of organic-rich surface waters in Sweden / Hruška, Jakub, Jonsson, Jorgen, Kohler, Stephan, Lofts, Stephen, Lovgren, Lars -- In: Water research: the journal of the international association on quality -- ISSN 0043-1354 -- Č. 36 (2002), 10
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Zdroj: ČGS (RIV)
Evaluation of dissolved biodegradable organic matter in natural water
Evaluation of dynamics of groundwater storages using the water balance simulations / Buchtele, Josef, Cissé, Yousouff, Kesl, Jiří -- In: Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics -- ISSN 0042-790X -- Vol. 44, no. 6 (1996), p. 376-395
Zdroj: ČGS (UNM)
Evaluation of Eggenburgian and Ottnangian molluscs in the borehole Nosislav-3 (34-12 Pohořelice)
Evaluation of electrical fields in the rock mass
Evaluation of element concentrations in fly ashes
Evaluation of environmental factors in mining activites and their use for land asanation. Symposium Mining town Příbram
Evaluation of environmental impacts of coal mining based on the analysis of the data from hyperspectral sensor
Evaluation of extraction/digestion techniques used to determine lead isotopic composition in forest soils / Chrastný, Vladislav, Ettler, Vojtěch, Komárek, Michael, Tlustoš, Pavel -- In: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry -- ISSN 1618-2642 -- Roč. 385, č. 6 (2006), 7
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Evaluation of foraminiferal assemblages from the sediments in Brno region
Evaluation of full seismic moment tensor from isotropic, LCVD and double-couple components / Kolář, Petr -- In: Acta geodynamica et geomaterialia -- ISSN 1211-1910 -- Roč. 3, č. 4 (2006), s. 105-107
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Evaluation of geofactors and present level of knowledge in the Czech Republic
The evaluation of geofactors of living environment in the area of the map sheet Ševětín (22-444 scale 1:25000)
Evaluation of geomorphological localities: methodological approach on example of north-western part of the Vizovická vrchovina Highland / Kirchner, Karel, Kubalíková, L. -- In: Geomorfologický sborník. 10, Sborník abstraktů 12. mezinárodní konference Stav geomorfologických výzkumů v roce 2012