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   Acid Rain 2005, 7th International Conference on Acid Deposition. Conference Abstracts
    Hůnová, I.
    Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
    Český hydrometeorologický ústav
    Český hydrometeorologický ústav, Praha
    Český hydrometeorologiký ústav, Praha
    Český hzdrometeorologický ústav
    Ministry of the Environment CR ; Czech Hydrometeorological Institute; Charles University Environment Center; Czech Geological Survey
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    Česká republika
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    Česká republika
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    Application of the SAC-SMA model for runoff generation simulations at two geochemically contrasting catchments
    Are inverse changes in Al and Si concentrations coupled in lakes recovering from acidification?
    Chemical and biological change in forest floor and mineral soils of the Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic between 1993-2003
    Distribution and geochemistry of the REE in the small catchment Lesní potok, Czech Republic
    Effects of reduced atmospheric deposition on soil and soil solution chemistry at Načetín, Ore Mts., Czech Republic
    Effects of the acidic deposition on terrestrial ecosystems
    Groundwater acidification in crystalline rocks estimated from small catchment data
    Hindcast and forecast of episodic acidification: using the Lysina catchment in the Czech Republic as a case study
    Influence of experimental changing precipitation and litterfall on dynamics of mercury and methylmercury in the forest floor
    Influence of geological substrate on forest health status
    Influence of geological substrate on streamwater chemistry - examination of 21 catchments in western Bohemia
    The influence of the limestone-quarry Čertovy schody on the precipitation chemistry and atmospheric deposition
    The influence of tree species on long-term forest soil acidification
    Linking forest conditions expressed by foliar chemistry to stream and soil chemistry along acid pollution gradient in Norway spruce stands in the Czech Republic
    Long-term changes in DOC in two Czech watersheds - why are not there any?
    A loss of base cations from spruce forest soils due to litter raking
    Nitrogen status of deciduous forests on base-rich soils with different phosphorus availability
    Rapid recovery from sulfate pollution in streams of western Bohemia
    Recent trends in bulk deposition of As, Be, Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb and Zn over central Czech Republic
    The reduction of precipitation amount bias in the analysis of time series of wet deposition chemism