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   Radon investigations in the Czech Republic IV
    Český geologický ústav
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    Česká republika
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    1992 Radon project - overview of activities
    Concentration of radon in water and air in treatment plants
    Detailed radon risk mapping in the Neratovice and Mělník area (Central Bohemia)
    Errors of Rn-222 determination at various measurement procedures
    Estimation of the category of radon risk emission individual building area, questions and different approaches
    FH-1. Equipment for in-situ permeability measurements
    Objectivity of indoor radon determination
    The radioactive pollution of villages in the vicinity of Příbram uranium mines
    Radon and tectonics in Stráž block (Northern Bohemia, uranium mining district Hamr na Jezeře)
    Testing of regional radon risk maps reliability