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   Terra Nostra
    GeoUnion Alfred-Wegener-Stiftung
    GeoUnion Alfred-Wegener-Stifung
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    Česká republika
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   Beitragszusammenfassungen des 7. Kolloquiums im DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm Orogene Prozesse, ihre Quantifizierung und Simulation am Beispiel der Varisciden
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    Barrandian of the Prague Basin: Field Observations, Analyses and Numerical Simulation of Petroleum Generation-Migration
    History, present and future of Palaeozoic in situ spores studies
    How many ways of Calamospora origin are?
    In situ spores from Pennsylvanian ferns from Upper Silesian basin (Czech Republic, Poland)
    A new isoetalen lycopsids Polysporia lugardonii and its spores from the Upper Devonian, OHIO, USA
    Organic-walled microplankton from the Upper Devonian Albergaria-a-velha black shales (W Portugal) and its paleobiogeographical implications
    Palynomorphs, paleoenvironment and sequence stratigraphy in the boreholes of Cenomanian and Lower Turonian age from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic
    Reproductive structures of Cretaceous Matoniaceae - new genus Konijnenburgia
    Restored and New Evidence for Early Variscan nappe Structures in Central Bohemia
    Review of monolete-producing Carboniferous-Permian sphenophylls
    Revision of Silurian scolecodonts from the Barrandian area (Prague Basin, Czech Republic)
    Tin-polymetallic deposits in the eastern part of the Dachang tin field, South China: Fluid inclusion and stable isotope study
    Two contrasting single-aged peat-forming plant asemblages preserved in situ in the middle Westphalian volcanis ash bed, Czech Republic
    Two Explanations of Curvature in Variscan Orogen of Moravia: Terrane Segmentation With Clockwise Rotation Vs. Strong Effect of the Moravian Shear Zone
    Variscan elevator-style tectonics in the Bohemian Massif - a consequence of a collapsing crustal root
    A very-HP garnetite from the South Bohemian Moldanubicum: Chemistry and geochronology