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   The Tomb of Unisankh at Saqqara and Chicago. Unis Cemetery North-West II
   Onderka, Pavel
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    144 s.
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   Editio Monographica Musei Nationalis Pragae, no. 5
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    Egyptian Architecture
    Old Kingdom
    Unisankh Unis
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   The publication presents the Old Kingdom tomb of the King's son Unisankh, parts of which were sold to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago around one hundred years ago. It unites the documentation carried out by the writer at Chicago and the documentation obtained through excavations at Saqqara by Peter Munro. It presents the history of the monument, reassesses the chronology of the Unis Cemetery North-West, describes the tomb in the context of architectural trends, discusses the relief decoration of the tomb and comments on the tomb owner. Three appendices present an analysis of inner structure of large, multi-roomed mastabas, the correspondence between Egyptian Antiquities Service authorities and the Field Museum representatives concerning the transfer of the chapel to Chicago and petro-chemical analyses of the samples taken from the block used for the tomb's construction.
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    8. 8. 2012