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   28th International Geological Congress, Abstracts. Vol. 2 of 3
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    Anomalous Black Shales in Northwestern part of Barrandian Upper Proterozoic (Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakia)
    Assessment and Mitigation of Man-Induced Geologic Hazards Related to Dam Construction and Operation
    Comparison between Two Distant Mesozoic Ophiolites : Bódva Valley Incomplete Ophiolite (Hungary) and Miraflores Ophiolite (Cuba)
    Czechoslovak Project of Deep Continental Research : Relationship to KTB
    Czechoslovakia on Geological Maps
    Evolution of Meliata-Hallstatt Rift and its Significance for Early Evolution of Alps and Western Carpathians
    Geochemistry and Petrology of Continental Growth : Example from Bohemia
    Geology of Ostrava-Karviná Coalfield
    Lithological and Metamorphic Development of Anoxic Environment in Geological History of Bohemian Massif
    Lithosphere of Central Europe : Some Results of Czechoslovakian Program of Earth's Crust Investigations
    Paleoplates Buried in Uppre Mantle and Cyclic Character of Subduction
    Recent versus Ancient Black Shales : Comparison of Their Depositional Environments
    Seismotectonics of Continetal Wedges Overlying Circum-Pacific Subduction Zones
    Supracrustal Structural Record of Plate Convergence
    Uranium Deposit of Příbram : Its Characteristics and Some Applications of Statistics in Detailed Exploration
    Variscan A-Type Subduction in Southeast Part of Bohemian Massif
    Vienna and Pannonian Basin in Central Europe : Comparison of Neogene Sedimentation and Tectonics