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   29th International Geological Congress, Kyoto Japan, 24 August-3 September 1992. Abstract Volume 1/3
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    The Early Earth: Homogenous Accretion and Superheat
    The Late Proterozoic of the Saxo-Thuringian (East Germany) with a special Reference to Glacioeustatically Controlled Sedimentation Processes and the Palaeoclimate
    Modes of Occurrence of Sulfide Minerals and Chalkophile Elements in Several High-Sulfur Czechoslovakian Coal
    A Possible palinspastic arrangement during the Jurassic in the West Carpathian territory
    Role of Precambrian Basement in Continental Crust Structure of Central Europe
    Tectonic of crenulation cleavage
    Tectonic styles of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic epiplatform