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   31st International Geological Congress: abstracts Volume
    Geological Survey of Brazil
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    Rio de Janeiro
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    s. [1]
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    Borehole ground surface temperature history and coupling between ground and air temperatures: A case study from a thermometric well near Evora, Portugal
    Chemical classification of Central European tektites (Moldavites)
    Climate history stored in the underground
    Coal clasts in the South Wales (UK) and central Bohemian basins (Czech Republic) : implications for the timing of maturation and fracture permeability
    The development of geoethics
    Devonian glaciation in Gondwana and its global effects
    Distribution of elements in the world lignite average and its comparison with lignite seams of the North Bohemian and Sokolov Basins, Czech Republic
    Environmental S isotope fractionations: An update
    Geoethical decision making and responsibility
    The importance of black shales in the origin of tin-polymetallic ores in the Dachang ore district, South China
    Integrated geophysical, structural geology and petrological studies of the continental lithosphere in the Western Carpathians
    An intra-variscan suture zone in the Bohemian Massif recorded by HP (HT) metamorphism in oceanic/continental rock sequence
    Modelling of an anisotropic and heterogeneous reservoir using the ray method
    Molecular stable isotopic approaches in the geological environment: A breakthrough in minerogenetic studies. Examples on sediment-hosted ore deposits
    New developments in geo-environmental research: magnetic proxies for screening and monitoring of environmental pollution
    Recent climate change reconstructed from the borehole temperature data
    Rhyolite related to Panafrican granite in the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    Seismic anisotropy of the lithosphere around the Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ) based on joint analysis of body-wave data of the TOR experiment
    Seismicity pattern: A tool for understanding the evolution of convergent plate margins
    Signature of the last ice age detected in the subsurface temperatures
    Textures of mineralized rare-metal granites as a tool for exploration
    Textures of rare-metal granites as exploration tool
    Variscan development of the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif in Austria and Czechia
    Weathering of organic matter in tips of bituminous coal mines, Plzeň Basin, Czech Republic
    Weathering of organic matter in tips of coal mines, Plzeň Basin, Czech Republic