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   ALCAPA Geological evolution of the internal Eastern Alps, Carpathians and of the Pannonian basin Graz, Austria 1 - 3 July, 1992. Terra abstracts, suppl no. 2
    Blackwell Scientific Publications
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    Balanced geological cross section of the NW part of Outer Flysch Carpathians
    Cenozoic convergence history of the Bohemian Massif and Central Western Carpathians
    Correlation of the Alpine Flysch-Zone with the Outer Carpathians (including klippen-zones): new data and new aspects
    Crustal-scale thickening and extension: an example from the most northeastern part of the Moldanubian terrane, Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Late Cretaceous intra-Austroalpine collisional events as evidenced in the Veporic and Gemeric terranes in Slovakia
    Magnetic anisotropy and natural radioactivity in West Carpathian granites
    Magnetic fabric in Inner West Carpathian rocks and its post-Cretaceous rearrangements
    Palaeogeography and palaeotectonics of the Alpo-Carpatho-Pannonian and adjacent blocks based on palaeomagnetic data: Neogene to Permian
    Palaeomagnetism and palaeotectonics of the flysch zone of the Outer Western Carpathians
    Paleo-stress field and tectonic evolution of the Vienna basin and adjacent areas since the Oligocene
    Paleomagnetic geotraverse from Southern Alps to Thuringian Forest and its tectonic significance