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   Acid Reign ' 95? : proceedings from the 5th International Conference on Acidic Deposition: Science & Policy, Göteborg, Sweden, 26-30 June 1995. Volume 3, Soil acidification, Forest damages, Direct effects on vegetation, Acidification and climate change, Effect to natural ecosystems, Ecosystem experiments, Recovery from acidification, Groundwater acidification
    Kluwer Academic Publishers
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    Biogeochemistry of aluminium in a forest catchment in the Czech Republic impacted by atmospheric inputs of strong acids
    Covered catchement experiment at Gardsjön: changes in runoff chemistry after four years of experimentally reduced acid deposition
    MAGIC applied to roof experiments (Risdalsheia, N; Gardsjön, S; Klosterhede, DK) to evaluate the rate of reversibility of acidification following experimentally reduced acid deposition
    Sulphur isotope characteristics of two North Bohemian forest catchements