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   Biogeomon 2002 : the 4th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behaviour : August 17-21, 2002, The University of Reading, UK : book of conference abstracts
    University of Reading
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    13C variations in forest soil and soil solution DOC along a N-S European transect - preliminary data
    15N variations in forest soil along a N-S European transect - the effect N deposition on soil organic nitrogen
    Acidification of groundwater and its impact on surface water: comparison of the small catchments in Norway and Czech Republic
    Acidification potential of deposition in Norway spruce forests in Finland and the Czech Republic during the 1990´s
    Ambient air quality and deposition trends in the Czech Republic
    Application of dynamic acidification models to a pair of heavily polluted catchments in the western Czech Republic - comparing MAGIC and SAFE predictions
    Behaviour of sulfur isotopes in the atmosphere, forest soils and mosses across Europe
    A biogeochemical comparison of two well-buffered catchments with contrasting histories of acid deposition
    Changes in acidic deposition on spruce forest ecosystems in the mountains of Bohemia
    Climate warming accelerates decrease of aluminum concentrations in acidified lakes
    Deposition of lead in central Czech Republic, trends and impacts on the biogeochemical cycle
    Extensive regional decrease of nitrate in central-European mountain streamwater
    The fate and stability of peatland sulfur stores as determined through stable sulfur isotopes and a transplant experiment
    Geomorphology as a key to freshwater sulphate recovery: the SUNFLOW model
    The influence of long-term N-fertilization on episodic leaching of nitrate from a small forested catchment at Gardsjön, Sweden
    The influence of the tree composition and management practices on nutrient status of forest ecosystems: a comparative study between virgin beech-dominated and managed spruce stands
    Isotopic composition of salt efflorescence from the non-carbonate arenites exposed in rock cities of the Bohemian Cretaceous basin (Czech Republic)
    Lake sediment evidence of air pollution from pre-historic copper and bronze production
    Mechanical erosion in the mass balance of heavy metals in water - soil system
    Modelling the recovery from acidification at the covered catchment experiment, Gardsjön, Sweden
    Monitoring, modelling and study of environmental fate of persistent organic compounds in the Kosetice observatory, south Bohemia - the results of 14 years project
    Natural inactivation of phosphorus by aluminium in atmospherically acidified surface waters
    Nitrate pollution of a water resource - 15N and 18O study of infiltrated surface water
    Palynological and palaeoalgological study of the lakes in the Czech Republic
    Photochemical and biological degradation of allochtonous dissolved organic carbon and its impact on alkalinity production in acidified lakes
    Radionuclides as tracers of erosion rates and metals dynamics in soils
    Recovery from acidification and eutrophication - interactions between atmospheric deposition and forest management
    Removal of phosphorus in constructed wetlands with sub-surface horizontal flow in the Czech Republic
    Results of integrated monitoring at the Czech ICP-IM station Košetice Observatory
    Sorption of hazardous arsenic from aqueous systems
    Spatial and temporal variation of the soil moisture in a small catchment: monitoring and modelling
    Streamwater recovery from acidification in the Black Triangle. 1, Regional changes in the Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic between 1991 and 2001
    Streamwater recovery from acidification in the Black Triangle. 2, Monitoring of long-term changes in two small catchments with contrasting vulnerability
    Streamwater recovery from acidification in the Black Triangle. 3, Modelling of long-term changes in two small catchments with contrasting vulnerability
    Sulfur isotopes in 13 small catchments after 13 years of decreasing air pollution
    Swedish lakes: modelling the recovery from acidification in response to the declining atmospheric deposition
    Swedish national monitoring data for regional modelling of acidification in 143 lakes
    Trends in sulphur and nitrogen deposition fluxes: GEOMON network, Czech Republic
    Use of sulphur-35 to study rates of migration of atmospheric sulphate at Jezeri Catchment, Czech Republic