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   Catchment hydrological and biochemical processes in the changing environment
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    Biogeochemistry of forest catchments with contrasting lithology
    Discharge capacity analysis of a river channel: application to the Strážnice gauging station on the River Morava after a historical flood
    Factors affecting base-flow recessions in a granite mountaineous catchment
    In-situ measurement of oscillation phenomena in gravity-driven drainage
    Long-term cloud and fog water deposition monitoring in southern Czech Republic
    Observations of subsurface hillslope flow processes in the Jizera Mountains region, Czech Republic
    Ponded infiltration experiments in the Uhlířská catchment
    Rainfall-runoff processes modelling using the Sacramento and Brook models in the Cal Rodó catchment (Pyrenees, Spain)
    Seasonal simulation of the soil water regime - a sensitivity analysis
    Simulation and verification of evapotranspiration and rainfall-runoff processes in the Liz (Czech Republic) and Gallina (Italy) experimental basins
    Streamwater acidification in the Krušné hory, northern Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Water balance, water quality and soil erosion on agricultural lands in the foothill zone of the Bohemo-Moravian Highland