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   Coal-bearing formations of Czechoslovakia
    Geologický ústav Dionýza Štúra
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    Česká republika
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    Application of geophysics in prospection for coal and in exploration of coal deposits in Bohemia and Moravia
    Bio- and ecostratigraphical evaluation of paleozoic sediments from the area of the Zemplínske vrchy Mts.
    Biostratigraphy of Tertiary coal-bearing deposits of Bohemia and Moravia (C.S.R.)
    Bituminous shales of Krkonoše piedmont basin
    Calculation of reserves in a lignite deposit by kriging and its comparison with classical calculation methods
    Causes of changes in index parameters of clay substances in coal basins of the Czech Massif
    Coal reserves in new fields of the Czechoslovak Part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Coalification in the Plzeň Basin from the viewpoint of reflectance
    Comparison of rock mass geotechnical properties of some coal bearing basins of the Czech Massif
    The contribution of gravimetry to the solution of structural geological problems in the North Bohemian Coal Basin
    Contribution of the well-log overlay method in solving the lithological profile - the Broumov-1 borehole, the Intra-Sudetic Basin
    Czechoslovak activity in IGCP Project 166: "Global correlalion of coal-bearing formations"
    The estimation of coal deposit reserves by kriging
    Faults in the North-Bohemian Brown Coal Basin: the review
    The flora of the Staré Sedlo Formation and its relation to the floras of the Eocene and Oligocene in the southern part of the GDR
    Geochemistry of the Vejprnice bituminous coal deposit in the Plzeň Basin
    Geological evaluation of tne permocarboniferous Roudnice Basin and its deposits (Czechoslovakia)
    Geology and stratigraphy of permo-carboniferous continental basins of the Bohemian Massif in view of the latest research and analysis of stratigraphical methods used
    Geotectonic Layout of the Rosice-Oslavany Basin as related to the paleogeographical development of the southern part of the Boskovice furrow
    The Handlová coal deposits seams: Tectonic development and qualitative properties
    The influence of the basement geological structure on the coal-bearing character of the Upper Paleozoic Basins in the Central Bohemian area
    Knowledge concerning the alteration of coal seatns in weathering zone of productive carboniferous from the Czechoslovak Part of the Upper Silesian Basin (OKR)
    The Late Paleozoic in the structure of Zemplínske vrchy Hills and some problems of its development (the Western Carpathians, Southern Part of the East Slovakian Basin)
    Lignite investigation in the Slovakian part of the Vienna Basin
    Lithofacies characteristics of the Ledce arkoses of the Mšeno Basin
    Lower Westphalian coal-bearing deposits between Slupiec and Ścinawka Średnia in the intrasudetic depression
    New approach to fault interpretation in the Permo-carboniferous of Central Bohemia
    New evidence for the age of the Salgótarján Formation in Southern Slovakia
    New results of coal-petrological and palynological exploration of the Žacléř formation (Bohemian part of the lower Silesian Basin)
    On the results and further aims of coal and lignite investigation in Slovakia
    The origin of the top surface of carboniferous in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Problems of structural development of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin in its Czechoslovak Part
    Results of geophysical methods in the northern forefield of open-pits Merkur and Březno
    Results of palaeomagnetic studies of the Tertiary in the Most area of the North-Bohemian Brown Coal Basin
    The role of logging in the exploration for brown coal deposits in North Bohemian Basins
    Seismic measurements at the north-western margin of the North-Bohemian Brown Coal Basin between Prunéřov and Chomutov
    Specific development of the northern part of Prunéřov offset, Chomutov part of the North-Bohemian Brown Coal Basin
    Tectogenesis of Tertiary Coal Basins of the Czech Socialist Republic
    To the correlation of grey and variegated horizons of the Líně Formation
    To the paleogeography of the North Bohemian Basin
    The underground geological structure of the Permo-carboniferous of the Boskovice furrow within the Rosice-Oslavany coal district
    The use of ground Geophysical methods in investigation of stability of south-eastern slopes of the Krušné hory Mts. (North Bohemia brown coal district)
    Use of rock-eval pyrolysis for determination of the coalification degree and technological type of coal ; Seismic measurements at the north-western margin of the North-Bohemian Brown Coal Basin between Prunéřov and Chomutov