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   Eleventh Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology in České Budějovice
    Univerzita Karlova
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    Česká republika
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    14A-sheet silicates in clay fraction of recent river sediments in Czechoslovakia
    Argillitization of porphyroides in the Železné hory Mts., Czechoslovakia
    The flocculating effects of water-soluble high molecular weight acrylic compounds on clay and limestone particles
    Mössbauer spectra of glauconites and their geological interpretation
    Optimization procedures for quantitative determination of minerals and partitioning of Mn, Cr, Ni and Co in laterites
    The process of disintegrating bentonite filter cakes
    Structural study of acid-treated smectites by IR spectroscopy
    The uptake of trace amounts of uranium and radium on some river suspension components
    Very low to low grade metamorphism in sedimentary rocks: an example from the Barrandian Proterozoic, Czechoslovakia (illite, chlorite, textural stages, kerogen and metabasite mineralogy)