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    Acoustic emission induced by thermal heating of rocks
    The AMS and ductile deformation of rocks of the acretionary prism of the easternmost Rheno-Hercynian: Implications for dynamics of the respective subduction factory
    Analysis of cracks creation kinetics by electromagnetic and acoustic emission
    Analysis of demagnetization path of a multiple-component NRM: testing of the present method and new data-inversion approach
    Anatomy of the Kačák-related magnetosusceptibility zones (Devonian) based on the carbonate deposits at medium rate of sedimentation
    Anisotropy of sandstone reservoir and shale overburden estimated from spherical sample measurements and cross-dipole logging
    Approximation of P-wave velocity anisotropy by three-axis ellipsoid
    Automated monitoring and forecasting of rock fall danger in space and time: practical field experience
    Automatic First Arrival Identification System of AE Signals by Means of High-Order Statistic Approach
    Automatic processing of macroseismic observations to assess site effects and their applications in earthquake hazard calculations
    Changes of kinematic and dynamic parameters of ultrasonic sounding as a result of different types of loading regimes and different orientation of rock foliation
    Cycles of pedogenesis in the Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic
    Detailed magnetostratigraphy and micropalaeontology across the J/K boundary strata at Puerto Escano, S. Spain
    Early Origin and Fixation of Gammaspectrometric (U, Th) and Magnetosusceptibility Patterns (Fe) on Sedimentary Cycle Boundaries in Pure Platform Limestones
    Early palaeozoic siliclastic sediments of the Barrandian (Tepla-Barrandian terrane, Bohemian Massif): palaeotectonic implication
    Earthquake Hazard Assessment for Two ASPELEA Test Sites: The Corinthos Gulf (Central Greece) and Kresna Region (SW Bulgaria)
    The effect of rock fabric on acoustic emission characteristics
    Effect of rock microfabric on the brittle failure process of rocks
    The effects of frosty snow coverage on the GPS antennas and possibilities of their being eliminated from the antenna positions time series
    An Empirical Scaling Law for Acquisition of Thermoremanent Magnetizations
    Environmental record in detrital cave sediments in the Botovskaya and Dolganskaya Jama caves (Russian Federation)
    Euler deconvolution: new rationale behind the method, new way of the presentation of results
    Evaluation of stress-strain stage of loaded rock samples based on ultrasonic emission analysis
    Failure of weak to strong sandstones: monitoring and observation of fracture phenomena
    Final results on the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in the Gresten Klippenbelt (Austria): Macro-, micro-, nannofossils, isotopes, geochemistry, susceptibility, gamma-log and palaeomagnetic data as environmental proxies of the early Penninic Ocean history
    Fossilization of nanobes studied by transmission electron microscopy and constraints related to their population - Recent and Late Quaternary reefbanks (San Salvador Island, The Bahamas; Heron Island, Australia
    Four GPS permanent observatories and two regional GPS networks for geodynamic studies of the northern part of the Bohemian Massif
    Fully automated measurement of field-dependent AMS using MFK1-FA Kappabridge equipped with 3D rotator
    Geodynamic Investigation of the Eastern Sudety Mountains Using GPS - Polish and Czech Cooperation
    Geodynamic movements and deformations of the Sudetic structural unit of the Bohemian Massif
    Geodynamic movements of the Sudeten area
    Geodynamic pattern of the West Bohemia area based on permanent GPS measurements
    Geodynamics of Central Europe based on observations of the GPS EUREF stations
    Geodynamics of the Moravo-Silesian area, the Bohemian Massif, detected by epoch GPS measurement
    Geodynamics of the NE part of the Bohemian Massif
    GPS geodynamic movements of the East Sudeten area in connection to regional geological structures
    The GPS geodynamic network "SUDETEN" - five annual campaigns (1997-2001), data processing and results
    GPS Network "SUDETEN" - Results of the campaigns 1997-2000
    GPS site movements detected in NE Bohemia, Central Europe
    High-order statistics as a tool for automatic determination of sign and arrival time of acoustic emission signals
    Historical analysis of the time distribution of the seismic phenomena in the NW Bohemia
    Hluboké svahové deformace v okolí historické lokality Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru
    Holocene History and Paleo-Geomorphic Reconstruction of Deep-seated landslides in the Rača Unit (Flysch Belt of the Western Carpathians, Czech Republic)
    How risky is our Risk management: dynamical networks Approach
    Identification of S wave onsets in the shallow seismic
    Impact of varying micromorphology on water flow and solute transport
    The Influence of Terrestrial Enviroment on Meteorite Magnetic Records
    The Influence of Terrestrial Environment on meteorite Magnetic Records
    Influence of ultrasonic events space clustering on autocorrelation parameters of their time series
    Intensity site effects of selected events of Central and Western Greece and earthquake hazard assessment
    Intrasudetic Basin (Czech Republic) - Complex regional geodynamical study
    Is the Fischer distribution reproducible?
    Kinematics of the Bohemian Massif assessed from GPS observations
    The Late Holocene climatic and anthropogenic record in flood-plain deposits of the Morava River (Czech Republic)
    Lithium-chronometric constraints on duration and kinetics of fluid-rock interaction
    Lithosphere structure of the NE Bohemian Massif (Sudetes) - A teleseismic receiver function study
    Long-term trends in stream nitrate concentrations and losses across watersheds undergoing recovery from acidification in the Czech Republic
    Magnetic interaction and cooling rate
    Magnetic properties of agricultural soils in dependence of land use
    Magnetic Properties of Chondritic Meteorites and the Terrestrial Weathering
    Magnetostratigraphy and micropalaeontology across the J/K boundary strata in the Bosso Valley, Umbria, Central Italy: Final Results
    Magnetostratigraphy of sediments from Slovenian and Slovak caves
    Magnetostratigraphy of sediments preserved in caves in the Nízké Tatry Mts. and correlation with the Vah River terace system
    Martian magnetic anomalies in light of fundamental properties of magnetic minerals
    Microbially induced magnetosusceptibility anomalies below the surface of emerged carbonate banks - observed pathway of their origin (San Salvador Island, The Bahamas
    Monitoring based time-prediction of rock falls: three case-histories
    Multidisciplinary study of geodynamical hazards at Machu Picchu World Herritage site, Peru
    Network of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (GEONAS) - Permanent GPS observations, their remote control and transfer to data centres
    New geodynamic project "Czech-Polish-Slovak cross border studies of regional geodynamics"
    Non-linear approximation of P-wave velocity - confing pressure dependence in rock with microcracks
    Nonlinear assessment of time series from rock slope monitoring
    Normal or reverse? The minimum angular deviation criterion of the classification
    Occurence of magnetostratigraphic normal and reversed- polarity zones in late Eifelian, Barrandian
    Optical properties and climate forcing of Icelandic dust
    Palaeomagnetic evidence for palaeotectonic rotations of Devonian blocks of the Barrandian terrane
    Palaeomagnetism of Variscan Diastrophic Sediments in Moravia with Implication for Tectonics (Czech Republic)
    Paleomagnetic and rock magnetic records from the Baikal Lake sediments
    Permanent GPS observatories for monitoring of geodynamic motion in the Bohemian Massif
    Physical properties of suspended dust in Iceland
    The possible scenarios of the Neuschwanstein's NRM origin
    Post seismic release slip observed after two earthquake swarms 2004 in West Bohemia
    Preliminary geodynamic movements of the West Sudeten area based on GPS observations
    Principal results of magnetostratigraphy and correlation with calpionellid zonation across the J/K boundary strata in the Terthyan realm
    Principles of magnetostratigraphy of cave sediments and application in karstology
    PSI vertical movements of Prague and Ostrava areas, Czech Republic
    Recent geodynamics of the Bohemian Massif
    Recent Tectonic Movements in the NE Part of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic, Indicated by the Brittle Tectonic Approach
    Recovery from acidification as predicted by the MAGIC model for 14 forested catchments in the Czech Republic
    Regional geodynamic network HIGHLANDS, the Bohemian Massif
    Regional geodynamic network "West Sudeten"
    Rock fabric symetry of low anisotropic rocks: implications for the spatial variability of mechanical properties
    Rotation component of seismic signal
    Salesius Hill slope deformation into the light of the dendrogeomorphological analysis
    Seasonal variability of soil aggregate stability
    Seismic Potential Estimates of Main Earthquake Zones of the Corinthos (Central Greece) and the Kresna Region (SW Bulgaria)
    Sinistral shear strains detected in a tectonic zone of Rhein fault near Ettlingen (Germany)
    Slope movements in Carpathian Flysch affected by structural geological conditions
    Smooting splines as a tool of processing data for palaeomagnetic research
    Soil hydraulic properties of topsoil along two elevation transects affected by soil erosion
    Soil micromorphological study for assessment of soil porous system, soil hydraulic properties and structure stability
    Sr, Nd, Pb and Li isotope geochemistry and Ar-Ar dating of alkaline lavas from northern James Ross Island (Antarctic Peninsula) - implications for back-arc magma formation
    Stress memory effect of borehole amphibolites?
    Surface structure of micro-diamond from ultrahigh-pressure felsic granulite, Bohemian Massif: AFM study of growth and resorption phenomena
    Temporal variability of selected chemical and physical propertires of topsoil of three soil types
    Texture and elastic anisotropy of rocks from the Kola superdeep borehole determined by neutron diffraction and ultrasonic measurements at high hydrostatic pressures and under three-axial load
    TRM/SIRM of magnetic minerals
    TRM/SIRM of magnetic minerals
    Two new permanent GPS observatories in the Czech Republic - Sněžka and Biskup
    Variscan Diastrophic Siliciclastic Sediments of the Moravo-Silesian Zone (Bohemian Massif): Provenance and Palaeotectonic Setting