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   Geophysical syntheses in Czechoslovakia
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    Acquisition, processing and interpretation of broadband seismic data
    Block dynamics of the west Carpathians
    Construction of stripped gravity maps of the Bohemian massif
    Earth´s crust structure in Czechoslovakia and in central Europe by methods of explosion seismology
    Electromagnetic induction and elecrical conductivity in the Earth´s body
    Field of surface deformations on the territory of the Bohemian massif and its southeastern border
    Geological interpretation of gravity maps of Czechoslovakia
    Heat flow investigation in Czechoslovakia
    Heat flow map of Czechoslovakia
    Magnetic properties of young volanics rocks of central Europe
    Method for determinibg recent movements of the Earth´s crust in high mountain areas
    On the construction of a density model of the litosphere of Czechoslovakia
    Palaeomagnetic research of Eurasia
    Possible causes of geophysical anomalies in the czechoslovakian Carpathians
    Preliminary results of geophysical synthesis in Czechoslovakia and in central Europe based on explosion seismology until 1980
    The principal features of geological structure of Czechoslovakia with regard to adjacent regions
    Radiogenic heat production and distribution of radioactive elements in rocks
    Seismicity of Czechoslovakia and of Europe
    World plate tectonics since the Cambrian