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   Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics
    Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanism
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    Česká republika
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    Composition and morphology of fly ash from fluidized bed combustion of brown coal
    Department of Caustobioliths
    Department of Engineering Geology
    Department of Geodynamics
    Department of Geofactors
    Department of Geotechnics
    Department of Mineral Preparation
    Department of textural and chemical analyses
    Determination of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Sedimentary Rocks of Carboniferous Age
    Distribution of coalbed methane in the porous system of coal
    Earthquake hazard assessment, geodynamical and seismotectonic studies
    Formation of lustrous carbon by two-stage pyrolysis of coal
    Increasing impact of antropogenic activities upon natural slope stability
    Investigations into the mechanism of translational bloc-type slope movements
    Measurement of the size of flocs and bridge flocculation kinetics
    Modification of the Lennartz Apparatus fot the Seismic Array in West Bohemia
    Prediction methods based on multichannel statistical extrapolation and their application on induced seismic events
    Some experience with safety oriented rockslope monitoring
    Stability of tunnel heading using coupled modelling
    Structural study of Ostrava-Karviná bituminous coals
    Study of the tourmalines from different metamorphic rocks