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   New Rural Spaces : Towards Renewable Energies, Multifunctional Farming, and Sustainable Tourism
   Clark, G.
   Dax, T.
   Frantál, Bohumil
   Halfacree, K.
   Hall, C. M.
   Kunc, J.
   Martinát, Stanislav
   Maye, D.
   Petr, O.
   Šauer, M.
   Tonev, P.
   Van der Horst, D.
   Vystoupil, J.
   Walker, G.
   Wolsink, M.
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    renewable energy
    rural studies
    rural tourism
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   The book focuses on three areas of development driving the significant structural and functional changes that have been appearing in and shaping rural spaces: development of renewable energy, multifunctional agriculture, and rural tourism. In the rural context these three phenomena are related and significantly influence each other - or better to say that they intersect, sometimes effectively cooperating and other times contesting with each other. Ranging from global to regional scale, this book covers rural studies from different types of regions, on one hand from regions in the United Kingdom where the rural change debate has a long tradition, on the other hand views from the Central-European perspective, where the above-mentioned processes have appeared much more recently. Different experiences with the issues can be noticed from the post-socialist countryside, other ones from Alpine villages.
   But in general, the story of all covered rural spaces is interwoven by a red line idea of efforts to improve their societal, economic, and environmental qualities.
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