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   Nové směry ve speleologii = New trends in speleology : Dobřichovice 24.-28. 10. 1983 : proceedings
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    Aerosol sinter and the cave development
    Biostratigraphical research in caves - its scope in karstogenetic studies in ČSSR
    Contribution of remote sensing analysis to the knowledge of neotectonic active structures in the central part of the Bohemian Karst
    Hydrogeological investigation of the Siluro-Devonian core of the Barrandian basin
    Luminescence analysis in speleology
    New trends in speleology
    Radiotest-method and its application in the Bohemian Karst
    Speleolaboratory at the Gombasecká Cave - 15th anniversary of the existence
    Tectonic study of caves in the Golden Horse Hill near Koněprusy (Bohemian Karst)
    Tiny geophysical measurements in the Ochozská Cave
    To the methodology of the tracing test and evaluation of results
    Uranium activates in karst regions
    The use of biological methods in studies of karst
    The utilization of geologic interpretation of cosmic photos in the central part of the Barrandien
    The utilization of natural tritium radionuclide in karst hydrology
    The utilization of radioactive indicators in the study of underground water movement
    The vertical distribution of microclimatic elements in vertical cave of the 'aven' type