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   Palaeovegetational Development in Europe and Regions Relevant to its Palaeofloristic Evolution
    Naturhistoriesches Museum
    Naturhistorisches Museum
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    Comparison of mediaeval and recent vegetation in Jihlava, Moravia
    Earliest Upper Cretacecous palynomorphs of basal (transgressive) strata in the Blansko Graben (Moravia, Czechoslovakia)
    The environment of the Pavlovian - palaeoecological results from Bulhary, South Moravia
    Fossile Hölzer aus tertiären und quartären Sedimenten des Mühl-, Wald-, Weinviertels und der Molasse
    History of Fagus in Central Europe - an attempt of new interpretation of Fagus evolution
    Leaf and fruit compresions from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    Palaeobotanical evidence on the Late Glacial in the Moravian Karst
    Palynological investigations in the Swiss Molasse Basin, first results from the USM Lower Freshwater Molasse, Oligocene to Early Miocene)
    Problem of the Miocene/Pliocene boundary as arising from palynostratigraphic studies from Gojna (Southwestern Poland)
    Proposition for correlation between marine Hungarian and fluviolacustric Slovakian Upper Permian sequences
    Unbekannte Objekte in Pollenpräparaten - Tardigrada
    The very last phase of the Permian from the microfloral point of view