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   Palaeozoic Palynology in space and time : CIMP general meeting 2006: book of abstracts
    Bek, J.
    Brocke, R.
    Dašková, J.
    Fatka, O.
    Institute of Geology, Academy of Science
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    Carboniferous and Devonian Polysporia and its spores
    Carboniferous seed-like megaspores of the Cystosporites-type, their microspores and their parent plants from the Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic
    The first palynological results from the low metamorphosed, late Early Devonian sandstones from the Tišnov area (Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Palaeoecological changes in four profiles in the Kladno-Rakovník Basin (Bolsovian), Czech Republic and the concept of palynological phases
    Palynomorphes from the Uhřice - 1 borehole, Middle Devonian of the Czech Republic